Officers Involved in a Shooting with Pursuit Suspect on the 405 Freeway
Critical Missing 28-year-old Woman

Notes from the January 17, 2017 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

Commissioner President Matt Johnson opened the meeting and a quorum was established.  The meeting proceeded to the Consent Agenda Items, all of which (1A through 1G) were approved with no discussion.  All Regular Agenda Items (2A through 2C) were approved.  

Chief Beck thanked officers that were assigned duty to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade yesterday and to those who attended on their own time.  There were two Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) since the last Police Commission meeting.  Last night in Olympic Division, officers responded to a residence in which the suspect was armed with a large knife and confronted officers.  An OIS occurred, suspect was not hit and was taken into custody.  The second OIS occurred on 11th and Hope.  A man armed with a large kitchen knife had attacked a Department of Transportation officer on Hope when two LAPD traffic officers responded and an OIS occurred.  Officers responded to the suspect’s residence where they found a female deceased.  Currently there are 9,892 sworn officers, 400 reserve officers, 284 specialist volunteers, and 8,400 cadets in the Department.   

This concludes the Chief’s report.

1-17-17 COP PC Audio

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