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Pedestrian Severely Injured in Hit and Run

Notes from the January 31, 2017 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

Commissioner President Matt Johnson opened the meeting and a quorum was established.  The meeting proceeded to the Consent Agenda Items, all of which (1A through 1T) were approved with no discussion.  All Regular Agenda Items  

(2A through 2H) were approved.   

Chief Charlie Beck reported on the death of Police Reserve Officer Michael Wade, Serial #R1740, who succumbed to his injuries yesterday in Long Beach Memorial Hospital from a previous incident.  Chief Beck also reported on an off duty OIS which occurred early Monday morning in Downey where Downey Police officers received a radio call in the 7800 block of Borson Street.  Upon arrival, they were met by an off duty LAPD officer, who is assigned to Olympic Division.  The officer informed them he was involved in an OIS after being confronted by two suspects. The suspects were transported to local hospitals. The off duty LAPD officer sustained minor, non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital. The Downey Police Department and LAPD are conducting a joint investigation.   

Chief Beck took the opportunity to inform the audience the LAPD has taken part in the national conversation that LAPD would like to reaffirm that ‘Immigration Enforcement’ is not in of itself the province of local law enforcement.

Currently there are 9,904 sworn officers, 2,779 civilians, 400 reserve officers, 300 specialist volunteers, 57 chaplain counselors, and 8,411 cadets in the Department.    

This concludes the Chief’s report.


01-31-17 COP PC

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There seems to be very little info available on the circumstances surrounding the injury of Reserve Officer Michael Wade. How can one get a clearer picture of this tragedy?

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