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Notes from the March 28, 2017 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

PC March 28

Commissioner Vice President Steve Soboroff, opened the meeting and a quorum was established. All Consent Agenda items were unanimously approved.

Department’s Report, dated March 22, 2017, relative to the Mission Area Detective Command Accountability Performance Audit (AD No. 16-020), as set forth. [BPC #17-0115] was approved.

Department’s Report, dated March 22, 2017, relative to the Update Report Regarding Deployment of Body Worn Cameras, as set forth. [BPC #17-0103] was received and filed with a request the Department return in six weeks to provide an update.

Assistant Chief Michel Moore provided the report of the chief of police on behalf of Chief Charlie Beck who is travelling with Mayor Eric Garcetti to Washington D.C.

Assistant Chief Moore provided a brief overview on an OIS in Hollenbeck that occurred on Friday night. He also noted two Hollywood officers, Randal Kutscher and Tim Talman, who have received media attention for coming to the aid of a choking man and saving his life with the Heimlich maneuver. The restaurant’s surveillance camera captured Officers Kutscher and Talman lifesaving rescue efforts from beginning to end.

Assistant Chief Moore was happy to announce The LAPD Open Team won for the 6th consecutive time at Baker to Vegas, the annual 120 mile relay race. He also congratulated the LAPD Women’s Running Team for capturing its 7th consecutive victory.

Assistant Chief Moore reported there are 9,905 sworn personnel, 239 of which are recruits in the police academy, 415 police reserves, 285 specialist volunteers, 57 chaplains. Assistant Chief Moore reported there are 2,839 civilian employees, about 100 more than last year at this time. 479 civilian vacancies and 8,411 police cadets.


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