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Class 11-16 Recruit Graduation

May 12, 2017 – Chief Charlie Beck welcomed and addressed the newest thirty seven members of the LAPD at a graduation ceremony on the historic and iconic field of the Elysian Park Police Academy. The new officers were joined by their family and friends at a time honored ceremony in front of Department brass and City dignitaries.

The new officers successfully completed a comprehensive, highly structured, rigorous 920 hour training program over 24 weeks. The training program includes classroom instruction, practical exercises, and scenarios to help each officer develop the knowledge and skills to excel in law enforcement.

Chief Beck delivered two messages. The first message was to the family and friends of the new officers, thanking them for trusting their loved ones to the LAPD.  As a father of two LAPD officers, Chief Beck added it is natural to worry about their loved ones as they begin their new profession.  He said the new officers have completed the finest training program for keeping an officer safe in their job and in their profession so they can all go home. Chief Beck said the most important thing that will protect them more than their vests, the pistols they carry, and their partner sitting next to them, is their character.

Chief Beck congratulated his newest police officers wishing he could be in their seats, wishing he could start his career over again, knowing all the things they will encounter and will see. Chief Beck hopes they will see an Olympic Games in the city, just like he experienced as a young police officer.

Chief Beck addressed the mourning bands they are wearing on their badges to commemorate Police Memorial Month, to remember officers who were killed in the line of duty. “You have to understand that everything you do reflects on their sacrifice,” said Chief Beck about the 208 LAPD officers who were killed in the line of duty.  “When you make decisions on how to treat and talk to people, when to use your authority, when to use force, your action and decision reflects directly on them and on me. I hold a very high standard for those decisions because I respect those who have gone before me.”

The officers begin their assignments on the streets of Los Angeles this weekend. For more information on how you can become a Los Angeles Police officer, please visit

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