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Notes from the May 2, 2017 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

Commission President Matthew M. Johnson opened the meeting and a quorum was established. Item 1A of the Consent Agenda items was pulled, while all other Consent Agenda items were unanimously approved.  

Department’s report, dated April 19, 2017, relative to the Non-Categorical Use of Force Process Audit (AD No. 16-025), as set forth. [BPC #17-0160] was approved.

Department’s report, dated April 19, 2017, relative to the Categorical Use of Force Process Audit (AD No. 16-002), as set forth. [BPC #17-0161] was approved.

Department’s presentation and discussion relative to the 2016 Annual Use of Force Year-end review. No action required.

Inspector General’s report, dated May 2, 2017, relative to the review of National Best Practices, as set forth. [BPC #17-0169] was approved.

Chief Beck commented on the May Day event on May 1, 2017.  Chief Beck noted the event was well attended, with approximately 15,000 attendees.  The event went smoothly, and pleased with how it was policed by LAPD members.

Chief Beck also reported that Budget Hearings were conducted last week.  Much of what was discussed about LAPD’s budget for the coming year was previously discussed at Police Commission.  Chief Beck pointed out two positive points that are included in the LAPD budget – the MTA contract and the surveys.  Chief Beck noted that LAPD has significant funding for cash overtime, more than the Department has had in years past.

Chief Beck pointed out the Department did not receive funding for the continuation of contracts that may affect TEAMS II, specifically the Records Management System.  The Commission and the Department will need to seek alternative ways to resolve these concerns.  

Chief Beck reported since the last Police Commission meeting two weeks ago, one Officer Involved Shooting occurred on April 22 at approximately 0600 hours in Mission Division.  Mission Units received a call for an Assault with a Deadly Weapon suspect in North Hills.  When units arrived, they encountered an individual who met the description given in the call.  The suspect is identified as David Cruz, who stated he was armed with a knife and a gun.  Officers engaged in about 11 minutes of verbalization, attempting to establish a rapport.  Eventually, Mr. Cruz drew a handgun from his waistband and pointed it at the Officers.  An Officer Involved Shooting occurred, and the suspect was severely wounded.  An accurate replica of a handgun, as well as a knife, were recovered, and the 9-1-1 call was made from a phone number attributed to the suspect.  It is believed this was a Suicide by Cop.

Chief Beck reported the Department has 9,941 sworn employees, with next fiscal year’s budget funding up to 10,052 sworn employees.  The Department will need to hire an additional 471 sworn employees in the next fiscal year.  Chief Beck added there are 2,825 civilian employees, with 469 vacancies.  The Department currently has approximately 400 reserve officers, and a Reserve Recognition Banquet was held in their honor on April 29.  Additionally, the Department has 285 specialists, 57 chaplains, and 8,411 cadets in the Cadet Program – a program that allows the Department to stay connected with the community.  

Regarding the Cadet Program, Commission President Johnson asked if the enrollment numbers were consistent with past years.  Chief Beck stated the numbers are the highest they’ve ever been.  President Johnson stated he had heard some concerns the numbers may drop in response to the new Presidential administration’s immigration policy, possibly showing a reluctance in the Hispanic community to participate.  President Johnson is glad the numbers prove this is not the case.

Chief Beck responded issues like these are evolving, and will continue to evolve over time as federal policies may change.  The Cadet Program is largely Hispanic – in the 90 percentile.  Chief Beck pointed out the Cadet Program is a self-perpetuating program, and the Department has seen continued success.

Commission Vice President Soboroff asked if there has been measuring of pedestrian deaths and traffic accidents in relation to text messaging.  Chief Beck stated both pedestrian and driver inattention are significant issues, but have not been proven to be causal factors in the deaths reported.  Primary causal factors are not crossing the street in the right places, crossing during times of darkness, and the rate of speed of the driver.

Police Commission Audio  May 2, 2017

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