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Class 12-16 Graduation

Grad June 17

On June 9, 2017, the LAPD honored the 45 men and women graduating from the intensive 24 week training program at the police academy. The class of 12-16 was the largest group to graduate in 2017, and were also the final trainee’s to begin the process in 2016. The graduates were hosted by Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, and members of the Police Commission at the traditional Elysian Park.

The graduation of the officers recognizes their continuous study, practice, and perseverance over the 920 hours of training. Some examples of the program include firearms, driving, officer safety, and classroom training. The officers also endured being stunned by a Taser, OC spray, and teargas in order to understand the effects of the arsenal that they will carry in the field.

The ceremony was highlighted by a speech from the class’s elected President, Officer Carlos Acosta, in which he honored and congratulated the 44 individuals he had spent the last six months with. Acosta emphasized what a family the group had become, saying that “from the first week there was something special about each person.” Acosta believes the connection the class formed sets them apart from any other class to ever graduate the academy. He asked of his brothers and sisters of class 12-16 they spread the attitude of creating a family to every division they are assigned to, so when members of the public speak to an officer, they feel like they are having a conversation with family. Officer Acosta concluded his message by thanking each of the academy instructors who prepared them to serve in the streets of Los Angeles.

The newest members of the Department were dispersed to divisions across Los Angeles and will now begin their careers partnering with training officers for the first year of service. For more information on how you can become a Los Angeles Police Officer, please visit


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