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Notes from the June 27, 2017 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

Police Commission Meeting

Commissioner President Matthew M. Johnson opened the meeting and a quorum was established. All Consent Agenda items were unanimously approved.

Department’s Report, dated June 22, 2017, relative to Motorcycle Training Contract – Agreement No. 17112109, as set forth. [BPC #17-0265] was approved.

Department’s Report, dated June 21, 2017, relative to the grant application and award acceptance for the 2017-2018 Operation ABC Grant from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, as set forth. [BPC #17-0267] approved the Department’s report and will be transmitted concurrently to the Mayor and City Council.

Department’s Report, dated June 21, 2017, relative to the grant application and award for the 2017-2018 Road to Zero National Safety Council Innovation Grant, as set forth. [BPC #17-0266] approved the Department’s report and will be transmitted concurrently to the Mayor and City Council.

Before the Report of the Chief of Police, Commissioner President Johnson will ask the Inspector General, with the concurrence of his fellow commissioners, to inspect and review three areas:

-Review the process Department utilizes to recruit, select, supervise, and oversee individuals in the Cadet program and any recommended changed in that process.

-Review of policies, procedures, and guidelines that outline the responsibilities of all Department personnel relative to interactions and relationships they may have with Department cadets.

-Review of policies, procedures, in each of the 21 divisions relative to the accountability of checking out and in of Department equipment by personnel to ensure adequate safeguards are in place and recommend any changes in those processes.

Commissioner President Johnson requested these issues to be reported back to the Police Commission on Tuesday, July 25.

Chief Beck welcomes the IG partnership in whatever corrective practice they take. On Saturday Chief Beck conducted a Department wide inspection of all 1,300 cadets. Commissioner Figueroa attended. He spoke about his expectations for Cadets to all the Youth Service Officers (YSO), commanding officers of each division, and parents.

Chief Beck directed a couple of actions – Department directive from the OCOP that limits one on one contact between police officers and members of the Cadet corp and limits social media connectivity between the two. Not intended to limit the communication with Cadet officer. Limits text messaging outside of the chain of command.

Immediately Cadets are not to drive LAPD vehicles. Chief Beck will be meeting with all YSO’s this week in a vertical staff meeting and in a separate staff meeting with all community relations sergeants that oversee youth programs. Chief Beck will discuss these changes and expectations of the program. He will also receive feedback from them to see what the best ways to improve the program are and not have a reoccurrence of actions that happened last week.

The Department is moving forward with the criminal investigation on Officer Robert Cain. The Department will continue to work on putting a new manual for cadet operations, and will make adjustments to the new realities they are dealing within the youth programs. All Department vehicles are accounted for and the ongoing investigation has not found any other full time Department employees, and we have a handful of cadets that may have had some knowledge or association with the group already arrested that could cause a reaction from the Department, either a criminal investigation, removal from program, or a diversion.

Chief Beck reported on an officer involved shooting that occurred in Hollywood on June 22. Chief Beck provided year to date crime statistics on violent and property crime, homicides, number of guns recovered. There are 9, 948 total sworn personnel, 2,840 civilian employees, 400 reserve officers, 285 specialist volunteers, 2,172 active cadets and brings the program total in the last 8 years to 8,000.


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