Notes from the July 6, 2017 SPECIAL Police Commission Meeting
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LAPD recruit class 1-17 Graduation

Friday July 7, 2017 - The LAPD recruit class 1-17 completed their final task before being deployed across the City as probationary police officers. 43 men and 5 women, one of the most substantial classes in recent history, graduated the Police Academy after 24 weeks of mentally and physically demanding training. The graduates were hosted by the First Lady of Los Angeles Amy Elaine Wakeland, Executive Director of the Police Commission Richard Tefank, and Chief of Police Charlie Beck.

A major theme of this month’s graduation was the impact family and friends have on the recruits as they move through the academy. The First Lady, the president of the class, and Mr. Tefank emphasized the supportive role loved ones play during the training process, and will continue to play as the officers begin their careers.

“You are the reason a lot of them are sitting in those seats today. Because of the support you’ve given them, the character you’ve helped build in them, to make them be successful today,” said Mr. Tefank. He spoke to the new officers about the importance of respect. Mr. Tefank added that as the face of the City, they need to “respect everyone they interact with, even those that do not respect them.”

Chief Beck concluded the ceremony, telling the graduates their character has been tested throughout the academy, and it is their character that makes them prepared to be Los Angeles Police Officers. The 48 former students will officially begin their profession as law officers and begin their duty on patrol as early as Monday. For more information on how you can become an officer, please visit


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