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Proposed Drone Program

On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, the Los Angeles Police Department held a series of community meetings throughout the city seeking public input on a proposed drone program.  

The consensus among attendees was that the Department needs to enhance its efforts in reaching the public on multiple social media platforms, thus affording a fair opportunity for citizens to express their opinions on small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), commonly known as small drones.  In response, the Los Angeles Police Department invites members of the public to send their comments via e-mail to SUAS@LAPD.ONLINE.  This invitation and department e-mail address will be posted daily on the LAPDHQ Twitter account and LAPD Headquarters Facebook account until September 11, 2017.  The address will also be published on LAPDblog and will be e-mailed to E-Policing subscribers throughout the 21 LAPD  community police areas.  

Or write to:

Los Angeles Police Department

Office of Special Operations

SUAS Pilot Project

P.O. Box 30158

Los Angeles, CA 90030


Technology is wonderful and necessary!

It would be useful to have a link to the proposed drone/sUAS program in this post that reader can refer to.

I support the LAPD's Pilot Program for evaluating the operational utility of sUASs to enhance LAPD's ability to locate criminal suspects, provide 'situational awareness' in emergency and crisis situations, and for many other situations where a sUAS can be deployed to gather critical information without needlessly endangering officers' lives.

We love the police, but don't like drones. I feel that drones can remove privacy.

I think that privacy issues and safety
issues need to be addressed before I could make a comment. Without these safety measures in place I would not want these flying around with no controls to protect the public's privacy and safety.

I am opposed to drones being used to patrol the streets and sidewalks and public spaces. I can see their use in specific situations where they may aid officers in an active pursuit or other criminal situation.

The website for comments you mention is "underconstruction" and should not have been given out when it is unreachable. Here are my commdnts about the proposed drone program:
While I can see some useful aspects to having multi small drones, it also invades our privacy, not only in our yards but peaking into homes through windows. At a tmie when there is legitimate concern about political leaders moving closer to dictatorial or police state models, I think it is another step down a slippery slope strippig us of traditon al privacy. I oppose it.

I was recently attacked along the Ballona Creek, and I think a drone program through the creek would be welcome by many community members because it is difficult to have security along the bike path.

The statement above is incorrect. You don't mean to say that comments need to be approved by the author (as you state) but by the moderator.

I don't have a problem with them using the drones to search and rescue in the course of their duties when using an officer or dog would be more dangerous.

I don't see any difference between using drones and helicopters. Use the same rules.

As a citizen of South Central Los Angeles, I believe drones might actually deter crimes and mostly the selling of drugs. Privacy is a concern for any one, but if I have a drone outside my house checking out the people hanging out on the street selling drugs or committing a crime I would not mind. It is getting harder and harder for LAPD to do their jobs because criminals use the technology on hand to create criminal rings or networks where it is too late or harder to catch those criminals. Our privacy has been violated already by those committing crimes in our neighborhoods.

Whatever it takes to enforce the law in a safe and fair manner, I'm for it. I think drones are next step in effective law enforcement.

I'm in favor of a 1 to 2 year Drone Pilot Program to see if it makes a positive impact on the city.

I am against the small unmanned aerial systems (small drones). I never received a notice that this meeting was taking place. Today, Aug 25 was the first day I have heard about it. The nearest meeting to me was held two days ago. I feel that big-brother is looking after us.

What is the proposal? Where can I read about what it entails? I can not make an opinion without knowing about it. Can you please share proposal on Twitter? Thank you

Who, what, where, where, why?

bad idea violating too many privacy rights. not needed, too much expense of tax money.

The first I heard of the proposed drone program was in an email from the ACLU a couple of hours before the four community meetings. There was no time to plan or adjust my schedule to be able to attend. I'd like to see what this plan proposes! What are we talking about? A quieter alternative to ghetto birds? Are these weaponized drones or are they only armed with cameras? How/when would they be used? Without details, how can any of us comment intelligently on the proposal? Please provide a link to details!

Where can I find more info about the proposed drone program in order to comment?

Although I personally think more eyes in public places is a good thing, what controls are you establishing to ensure drones and those users are not invading people's privacy (looking into people's houses through windows etc), and controls are in place to ensure such systems are not abused by law inforcement.

Where can I find complete information on the reasons supporting this proposed program? There is no detail in this post as to why LAPD believes this program is necessary AND an effective tool to address a specific problem.

I would like to see a written draft of the LAPD's privacy policy as it pertains to drones before I opine on the use of such.


Where can we review a copy of the proposed program?

I would only be for the use of drones under very specific circumstances and situations but definitely not for routine patrolling. We've already got so much government overreach in our lives at every level that having drones flying around surveilling people will be a further blurring of the lines between protecting the public and preserving its privacy. The next step is installing a government camera inside of our homes in order to keep us "safe".

While I understand the growing challenges that modern criminal activity present to law enforcement, I have yet to understand how the benefits of a drone program operated by LAPD would outweigh the downside - specifically privacy and 4th amendment issues.

Though I consider myself a supporter of the LAPD, and have been a victim of recent property crime, I have not seen a convincing case - or any case for that matetr - presented by LAPD as to why this program is necessary. We the public are left to draw our own use scenarios, which is kind of ridiculous. I am thus staunchly against the program.

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