Officer-Involved-Shooting in Pacific Division
Three Arrested for Murder in South Los Angeles

Notes from the October 31, 2017 Weekly Police Commission Meeting

 Commission President Steve Soboroff opened the meeting and a quorum was established.

All Consent Agenda items were unanimously approved.

Department’s Report, dated October 20, 2017, relative to supplemental funding to the 2015 Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force Continuation Program Grant Award – (Council File # 12-1777-S1; 16-0987; 16-0978-S1), as set forth. [BPC #17-0427] was approved.

Department’s Report, dated October 20, 2017, relative to the grant application and award for the 2017 Off-Highway Motor Vehicles Recreation Grant, as set forth. [BPC #17-0428] was approved.

Chief Beck prefaced his general report by thanking the Commission for approving Items 2A and 2B. Chief Beck stated the ICAC was a vital component in the investigation and eventual arrest of Bruce Paddock, the brother of Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock. Bruce Paddock was charged with possession of child pornography.

Chief Beck continued with his general report, stating there was one Officer Involved Shooting last week, occurring in the Pacific area. Officers responded to a radio call made by the suspect’s wife and county mental health workers, who called reporting a mental health crisis. Officers arrived on scene to find the suspect chasing his wife through his house, armed with a knife. Officers entered the house. The suspect, James Ward, held the knife to his wife’s throat, threatening to kill her and the Officers. One of the Officers fired one round, grazing the suspect’s ear. The suspect was taken into custody.

Chief Beck provided updated crime statistics. Chief Beck reports 10,001 sworn personnel, surpassing the goal of 10,000 sworn personnel. Additional personnel statistics include 2,871 civilian personnel with 477 vacancies, 400 reserve officers, 300 specialists and volunteers, 55 chaplains, and 2,172 cadets.

Commissioner McClain-Hill stated she is pleased the Department has surpassed 10,000 sworn personnel. She added she was glad to be able to attend the recent recruit graduation.

Commissioner McClain-Hill stated she spent time with the LAPD Centurions at the Fall Family Picnic, an event coordinated with Blind Children’s Center. The Centurions have a 60 year relationship with the Blind Children’s Center, which is an extraordinary example of building relationships with local communities.

Additionally, Commissioner McClain-Hill has listened to all 3 LAPD podcasts, created by the Department. She said, without exception, the podcasts have been “absolutely extraordinary,” and she appreciates the Department’s efforts.

Chief Beck thanked Commissioner McClain-Hill for her comments, adding he also enjoyed the LAPD podcasts. Chief Beck acknowledged Joshua Rubenstein for creating the podcasts, and agrees they are an excellent way to communicate externally and internally.

Chief Beck added that he also attended the Fall Family Picnic. Chief Beck noted he first attended this event when he was still a rookie with LAPD, and has tried to attend regularly. He said the event really drives home the needs of the community, and is a great way to interact with the community.

Audio-Police Commission Mtg Oct 31, 2017

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