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LAPD Rolls Out Another Volunteer Patrol, Literally

Canoga Park: The LAPD's Topanga Police Station announced its latest effort in crime fighting: an 8-person Volunteer Community Patrol, at a morning news conference in front of the police station. Four of the patrol force and the two dedicated electric cars were present, and the event ended with the cars heading out on patrol.

"There's an old adage: 'the police are the people and the people are the police'," explained Capt. Maureen Ryan, commanding officer of Topanga Area. "These citizen patrols will become added eyes and ears on the street, deterring crime and reporting suspicious activity."

Police will send the patrols into neighborhoods where property crime is spiking; crimes like: residential burglaries, car burglaries, and porch pirating. "These visible patrols act as force multipliers, allowing sworn officers to address violent crime and crimes in progress, while sleepy residential areas get patrols that officers might not otherwise be able to provide," added Dep. Chief Kris Pitcher, who oversees the entire San Fernando Valley, and was captain at Devonshire Area when the first volunteer patrols were started several years ago.

Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, City Council District 3, greeted all the volunteers. "I am proud to help launch and financially support the Volunteer Patrol Program at the LAPD Topanga Station," he told the group. "Now, all three divisions in my district have more eyes and ears in the community; folks who are empowered and trained to help our law enforcement and report crime on our streets."

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I think the community patrol is a great idea in Canoga Park---in particular! LAPD has been very effective when they are present. Given the stretch of resources, the Community Patrol should act to deter a substantial amount of crime just by being present! Kudos LAPD!

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